Piero Frenguelli (voice, guitars, programming) and Marco Porsia (bass, keys) formed in 2009 Let There Be Light amidst the indie-post rock scene in Toronto, Canada where they discovered a mutual interest in listening to and making music.

Both have musical backgrounds in Italy where Frenguelli produced as F/Point, later to become the electronic-experimental project Control.  Porsia comes from a film background and has made videos for numerous bands including Yuppie Flu, Giardini di Miro’, Stearica, Pankow as well as The Wedding Present.

The two fused musical skills to develop a sound that dwells outside comfortable marketing terms, to form a hybrid of styles into new sonic directions.  Let There Be Light is what happens when spacious melodies merge with minimal rhythmic electronic loops, ethereal vocals and wave-upon-wave of guitar drones with cinematic overtones.

LTBL harnesses the extraordinary power of music in a kaleidoscope of post-rock, drone, ambient-noise and techno – being of but never committing to one style. Rhythmic and ambient elements constantly transform a soundscape that is fragile and yet revealing of a deep inner tension.

Live set-ups include film projections of archival and original footage tailored to the sound with intricate geometries of hard angles and warm colours.  Thrusting forward in a disorienting and unexpected way LTBL lifts you up and gently lays you down.